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The jcmdline package is a Java package with the following goals:
  • Facilitate parsing/handling of command line parameters.
  • Add consistency to command line parameter parsing and command usage display through all executables of a Java application.
  • Automatically generate a command usage based upon defined command line parameters..
Features of the package include:
  • Parses command line options and arguments.
  • Supports frequently used parameter types - booleans, strings, integers, dates, file names...
  • Performs common validation tasks - checks for number ranges, file/directory attributes, values that must be from a specified set, etc..
  • Displays neatly formatted usage and error message in response to parameter specification errors.
  • Provides support for commonly used command line options (such as -help and -version) and a means to standardize command line options across all executables of a project.
  • Supports hidden options.

Development Status

This package is stable and production worthy. Development is hosted on SourceForge.

At present it supports only the English language. All strings are handled via ResourceBundle, though, and any assistance with translation to other languages would be greatly appreciated!

Should a developer make a change to the package that might be deemed useful to the general public and/or create new parameter types, please contact the project administrator to submit your contribution or join the development team.


This software is open source and is provided under the Mozilla Public License V1.1.

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